Green Leaf


Green Leaf facilitates to define process to analyze data to attain conclusion about type of information they contain enabling enhanced productivity and business gain.ALS is always in-line with ever changing, and evolving technologies in Analytics, and Big Data vertical. It offers a customized open source BI suite designed bestowing to customer requirements featuring 24/7 support and its appreciating power of data analysis plays role in developing artificial intelligence.


Green Leaf technology practice of analytics extends your business in making better decisions with relevant facts. It provides a complete BI suite including ETL, Analysis, and Reporting. A delineated process of Extraction Transformation, Analysis and Reporting provides data insight and enable to identify source of information existence thus improving Organization’s operations, and efficiency. The product drives in effective decision-making by exploring apt business direction and objectives leading to predict customer trends and behaviors. Data analysis is potential to collate information across organization helping to overcome business assumptions and discovering unknown challenges. It also allows detecting:

  • A fundamental aspect of analytics is decision support
  • Data is being produced at an alarming rate
  • Put more simply, data allows you to understand your user and your product and how they interact

Why Green Leaf?

  • Visibility and Control
  • Optimise network reliability
  • Improve the bottom line
  • Understand capacity and boost performance
  • Be better informed
  • Corporate compliance

Features Green Leaf?

  • Flexible IT Solution
  • Customized Service
  • Excellent Decision Support
  • Optimized Cost
  • Improved Customer Experience
  • Data Driven approach